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Don Love More Foster
Don “Love More” “Penda Zaidi” Foster
Missionary in Charge of Evangelism and Mbuti Pygmies

Love More is a missionary responsible for Evangelism and Pygmies.

I am 53, have been saved for 34 years and I have served the Lord in Africa for almost 9 years – ministering to the poor.

In that time I have learned to love.  Like a new husband must learn his wife’s likes and dislikes, I have learned to learn to love more.

I have learned that the Lord wants the hands first raised in worship to then reach o to His vulnerable little sister and brother.   To learn to love the Lord more is to know the very least of His most vulnerable little brothers and sisters and to feed them, clothe them, visit them in hospitals and prisons and take them into your home.  Half the battle is to not do this for those who can do it for themselves. To pass thousands with their hands out to reach the ones who cannot ask: the severely mentally ill, old widows, baby orphans.

I have learned that there is “pain in the offering” but the reward in Heaven is beyond compare.

Weeping may last for a night but joy comes in the morning.

I have learned that I can learn to go lower still; and, I have noticed that I have missed many opportunities.  I have learned that I can do so much more if I only believe more.

I asked the Lord to send me somewhere no one else would go and to let me lead people to Him who would otherwise be lost.  He did.  Here I have learned to love more.