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On Friday 6th May my visitor and I saw THOUSANDS of hungry, poor people fleeing in trucks, buses, motorcycles but mostly on foot from their homes with everything they could carry: Mattresses, bags of clothes, pots, water jugs, etc.  A missionary/pastor with Church on the Rock (Kayisavira) who lives in Bianne told me seven people were killed, presumably by Muslim Defense International (MDI) terrorists continuing their jihad to form a caliphate under sharia law in Eastern Congo.

Where we live is at the southern edge of this war zone.  This location, near Mbuti Pygmy villages, is perfect to serve those who would otherwise die from malaria, typhoid and other easily treatable diseases.  Two days ago, an old Mbuti man came a long way to be treated.  He was near death but was denied the correct treatment.  Jenya took him to the clinic and he is alive today because of it.

We also live in this area so our 14 children can go to school and stay connected and integrated with Mbuti Pygmies to whom they are related.

We have 15 children and two staff to care for.   There are some things we just have to do and buy with this many children and sick Mbuti Pygmies.  We have cut all possible extra costs; but, still the expenses have been more than donations.