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The Ebola outbreak in Beni will be officially declared over 42 days after the last fatality is buried or 42 days after the day the last case has been cured and tested negative twice.

A great celebration will occur in Beni on the first Sunday following the day Ebola is declared over.

The primary purpose of this celebration is to authoritatively and definitively declare the Ebola outbreak over.

The secondary purpose of this celebration is to thank God for the end of the outbreak and for sending us a new vaccine, new medicines, the WHO and a great many international NGO’s. In this celebration, all of Beni will honor and thank the great work and heroic sacrifices of doctors and nurses, soldiers, police, government and a great many others – all of which will be represented.

The third purpose of this celebration is to honor the survivors and the families of the victims and to remove the stigma and restore the dignity and honor of those who have suffered from this disease.

The fourth purpose is to thank and honor the Governor of North Kivu, Members of Parliament, Ministers of Health, other ministers, the mayor of Beni, the civil society, MONUSCO and other dignitaries for all their work in this crisis.

All such dignitaries in attendance will jointly, officially and authoritatively declare this outbreak OVER and will pray to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ that there will not be an 11th outbreak in Congo.

The fifth purpose will be to briefly review protocol about how Beni must fight to prevent an 11th outbreak and to dispel fears and false information about Ebola with a new campaign titled “Ebola is Finished”. [#EbolaisFinished]

The primary goal of this celebration is to bring UNITY and RESPECT to all the people of Beni and in their relationships with one another, the police, military, government, medical community, business community, civil society, Monusco and all NGO’s.

The secondary goal is to detach the fear and stigma of Ebola from Beni and Mangina and to dispel untruths.

Talking Points: Beni has prayed and Ebola has stopped in Beni. Beni will continue to pray there will not be an 11th outbreak in Congo. The government, all NGO’s and the entire medical community has definitively declared Ebola over. It is over and will not return. The minister of health or his representative will report that there is no reason to fear and that no outbreak has returned to a town it started in.

This celebration is a declaration of war on fear, worry, suspicion and misinformation about Ebola and to unite us in the fight against it (not each other). We do not need to fear the survivors or families of victims of this outbreak any longer. They are no longer contagious. Officials and others must been seen shaking hands and hugging survivors to show there is no fear of Ebola.

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