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The Mbuti Pygmy refugee camp at Mavivi contains over 40 children who are keen to go to school. However, war and insecurity in the area has forced them and their families to flee from forest communities where they had a school. Now they live in this camp which is too far away from the main school in Mavivi for children to reach on foot, threatening to leave them with no education. To help cover this gap, a teacher comes from the local school to teach children within the camp. However, lessons are held in a tiny shack which lacks walls and is far too small even for one class, let alone the needs of the community.

We have been promised a generous donation that will cover the school fees and uniforms essential for these kids to attend classes. However, the biggest need is for a new two-room school building with space for all the children in the community to attend lessons.

We would like to invite you to join with us in helping us change the lives of these children and giving them hope for a better future. There are many ways you can help – for example you could

Buy building boards:  $4 for one; $200 per classroom; $400 for both classrooms

Build school desks: $20 for one; $100 for 5; $200 for 10; $600 total

Buy a blackboard: $20

Buy cement for the foundation: $16 per bag; $160 for ten bags

Buy roofing sheets: $9.50 for one; $228 per room; $456 for both rooms

Help build a latrine (toilet and a water tank) to keep the 40 kids attending Mavivi School healthy

Costs for the latrine include: Digging ($150), Boards ($88), Roofing sheets ($90), Doors and door frames ($50 per door), Water tank ($200), Foundation for the tank ($150)