• Most Pygmies Can't Read or Write

    Most Pygmies Can't Read or Write

    Help her with school fees and a uniform.

  • Malnourished Babies and Kwashiokor

    Malnourished Babies and Kwashiokor

    Please contact us for more information

  • Donate and give clean water

    Donate and give clean water

    Mbuti Pygmies need Big Brothers and Big Sisters

  • Welcome! Karibo!

    Welcome! Karibo!

    Love Your Neighbor, Africa


A photo-gallery showing scenes from the life of Don and Jenya Foster made by In Touch ministries staff.

Don Foster shows Mbuti pygmy Mbango Ebulo how to use a New Testament Messenger device at Upende village outside Beni town.

In a remote part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, each day brings uncertainty for missionaries Don and Jenya Foster. But they set about their work anyway, knowing that violence, illness, and cultural barriers won’t stop them from sharing the love of Jesus. The Fosters have found success using the In Touch Messenger Lab to preach the gospel in the native languages of the Congolese, in particular Mbuti Pygmies, a disadvantaged people group.

View the full photo-gallery at https://www.intouch.org/read/content/love-in-the-heart-of-africa