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We run a number of projects and initiatives aimed to improve the life of Mbuti people through education and healthcare, and to share the Gospel of Jesus with them.

Caring for the sick (Medical assistance)

Jesus said..When I was sick you..

Mbuti have little concept of medicine and health care. They find it difficult to reach clinics and find it difficult to stick to treatment regimes…


Caring for those in need

Jesus said when I was hungry…

We run a number of initiatives aimed to help support people in times of need…(e.g farming and development)


Caring for the prisoners

Jesus said: when I was in prison..

Beni prison only provides food for prisoners once every 4 days. Those who are strong survive but those who are weak are subject to bulling, intimidation and lose the little they have…


Caring for orphans and vulnerable children

Isaiah said: Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.

Disease, poverty and insecurity has left many children orphaned or in vulnerable circumstances. We seek to support vulnerable children by…

Investing in the future (Education)

Education is key to releasing the potential of the next generation…

Spreading the word (Evangelism and outreach )

An example of what we do is this proposal to deliver POSITIVE CHANGE to Mbuti Pygmies of Northern North Kivu Province and Southern Orientale Province – Axis Byakato read more