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Juliana modifiedGueliana is a Mbuti Pygmy girl, born in the forest. Her mother died in labor and Gueliana and her twin sister were left without any food for two days. Fortunately, the babies were found by a kind Bantu lady who cared for them for 7 days, then passed them to an NGO that brought them to our town. Gueliana is a fighter! She was born prematurely, weighing only 800 grams, and left with no mother, she was in real danger of death. Her little sister died the same night they were brought to Beni.

Gueliana is now almost 3 months old and weighs 3400 grams! She went through a lot and we are very proud of her; though, she still needs constant medical assistance.  Please help this princess by: 1) Praying for her  physical and emotional health 2) Contributing to her needs: Food (formula) – $50/month Clean water (bottled water) – $14/month Medical bills -$50/month

Salaries for the two beautiful mothers who care for Gueliana round the clock – $1.5/day ($45/month) each  


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